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The main goal of the discipline “Environmental engineering” consists in familiarizing students with a system of scientifically based engineering and technical measures aimed at maintaining the quality of the environment in the context of growing industrial production. The basic objectives of studying include:

  • Acquiring skills in monitoring, forecasting, and assessing the possible negative consequences of existing, newly built, and reconstructed enterprises for human health, the environment, all living organisms, and plants;
  • Optimization of technological, engineering, and design developments proceeding from minimal damage to the environment and human health;
  • Identification and adjustment of technological processes that damage humans and nature.

Studying the course “Environmental Engineering” allows future specialists to professionally analyze and evaluate their own production activities in relation to the environment and make environmentally sound decisions in the development of new waste-free resource and energy-saving technological processes with closed production cycles that exclude or drastically reduce emissions and discharges harmful substances into the biosphere.

Mastering the discipline prepares for work with the following objects of professional activity:

  • Natural, anthropogenic, natural-economic, ecological-economic, production, social, public territorial systems and structures at the global, national, regional, and local levels;
  • Control, monitoring, the expertise of environmental components of all forms of economic activity;
  • Education, enlightenment and public health, demographic processes, sustainable development programs at all levels.

Environmental Engineering Homework Help for Students

After successfully studying the discipline, students should be able to propose solutions of a fundamental nature regarding improving the quality of emitted gases and discharged wastewater, analyze technological solutions aimed at choosing effective and environmentally friendly methods for neutralizing man-made waste, and rational methods for disposing of recovered products, etc.

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Environmental Engineering Statistics Help from Professional Experts

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